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Web Interface

Clearphrase's intuitive web interface makes it easy to adjust the tone of your writing from any device with an internet connection.

Chrome Extension

With Clearphrase's Chrome extension, you can seamlessly edit your tone without ever leaving your browser.

Context menu on Desktop

Clearphrase's context menu integration on Windows lets you quickly adjust your tone within your favourite writing apps.

Our Users Speak

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Great Job!

The mode option appears to be a cool feature that allows for customized user preferences.


Director at Digital Solutions

Intuitive Replacement

This works so well, this paraphrases a not so good sentence, a very good alternattive to grammarly. Works like bliss

Puneeth S Vishwanath

Agile Coach at AirBus

Confident Communication

ClearPhrase makes it easier for anyone to communicate effectively and efficiently, regardless of their writing experience or proficiency.

Suganya Sridharan

Assistant Consultant at TCS

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